General Sports Trivia Questions

  1. Franz Beckenbauer played for two German football teams: Bayern Munich and which other?
  2. MLB: Who was the first 2nd baseman to have back-to-back 30 home run seasons?
  3. Who were the first African team to win a game at a FIFA World Cup?
  4. In which year was tennis player Jennifer Capriati born?
  5. Who won the Wimbledon tennis grand slam for men in 1981, 1983, and 1984?
  6. What was the host country of the FIFA World Cup in 1966?
  7. In which year was tennis player Pete Sampras born?
  8. NHL: Which team did Gordie Howe represent during his final All-Star Game appearance in 1980?
  9. Hockey: What was the nickname of Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Tie Domi?
  10. In the high jump, how many chances do you have to leap over the crossbar?
  11. What’s the diameter of a basketball hoop in inches?
  12. Formula One: Who was the first British driver to win the World Championship?
  13. What country`s football team is known as the Indomitable Lions?
  14. MLB: Prior to winning the 2016 World Series, the Cubs went how many years without a title?
  15. In which country was tennis player Martina Hingis born?
  16. Whose single-season NHL record for goals did Gretzky break in 1981-82?
  17. Who won the Men`s 100m Finals in the Olympic Games 1984?
  18. Tennis player Mary Pierce was born in which country?
  19. What was the host country of the FIFA World Cup in 1982?
  20. Which year was the UEFA Champions League founded in?
  21. Which National League pitcher set a record by winning 19 consecutive starts, all in one season?
  22. In 1986, football star Diego Maradona`s "Hand of God" punched the ball into the net, helping which country beat England?
  23. The international football authority is FIFA. This is an acronym in, mostly, which language?
  24. How many FIFA World Cups did Pele win with Brazil?
  25. For which Portuguese football club the Danish goalie Peter Schmeichel played?
  26. What country boycotted the FIFA World Cup until 1950, when it was humiliatingly eliminated by the United States?
  27. The player`s strike in 1994 resulted in the season being officially over on August 11. Which Major League team had the best record at the close of the shortened season?
  28. Hockey: What year did the Flyers win their 1st Stanley Cup?
  29. "El Clásico" is the name of a match between the rivals of which 2 football teams?
  30. Before she appeared in Playboy, Gabrielle Reece was best known for playing what sport?
  31. What country produced such NHL stars as Peter, Anton and Marian Stasny?
  32. Who won the Women`s Singles Championship, in the US Open 2003?
  33. How old was Pancho Gonzales when he became the oldest seeded player at Wimbledon in 1969?
  34. Which player was the first `wildcard` in Wimbledon history to win the Men`s Singles?
  35. What is the traditional breakfast during the Wimbledon tennis tournament?
  36. The 1975 Stanley Cup Final championship series was played by the Buffalo Sabres and the…
  37. Who won the Men`s 100m Finals in the Olympic Games 2000?
  38. What does NCAA stand for?
  39. Which team did Mitch Marner score his first NHL goal against?
  40. In which city was tennis player Gabriela Sabatini born?
  41. Traditionally, the FA Cup Final is played in what city`s Wembley Stadium?
  42. In darts, what is a score of 26 refered to as?
  43. Who won the French Open Women’s Singles Title in 2020?
  44. When was the first year that Bobby Orr joined the NHL?
  45. How many consecutive strikes do you have to throw to score a perfect 300 in bowling?
  46. Who won the UEFA Champions League 1999?
  47. Who won the 2006 Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix?
  48. At the LA Olympics, who became the first female American to win the gold in all-around gymnastics?
  49. In what year did Marseille win the French Ligue 1 for the first time?
  50. Which athlete has been on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" a record 50 times?


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