General Sports Trivia Questions

  1. In which year did Boris Becker win his final Grand Slam singles title?
  2. MLB: Prior to his trade to the Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton signed a deal with the Marlins for how many years?
  3. What was the host country of the FIFA World Cup in 1962?
  4. How many Stanley Cups did Brian Trottier win as a player?
  5. In what sport did Eric Heiden win five gold medals at Lake Placid?
  6. At which circuit did Vitantonio Liuzzi score his first F1 points?
  7. F1: How many pole positions did Ayrton Senna score?
  8. Who won the U.S. Open Women’s Singles Title in 2019?
  9. Which country hosted the UEFA European Championships for the first time in 1988?
  10. Which team did Patrick Kane score his first NHL goal against?
  11. Which sport took off in the late 1960s, after Bill Bowerman wrote a book describing its popularity in New Zealand?
  12. American football: What football player rushed for 2,003 yards in 1973?
  13. Where was held the 2004 European Formula 1 Grand Prix?
  14. Who won the Wimbledon tennis grand slam for women in 1988?
  15. Who eclipsed Roy Emerson`s record for winning 12 Grand Slam tournaments?
  16. What was the host country of the FIFA World Cup in 1978?
  17. How many goals the French Just Fontaine scored during the 1958 FIFA World Cup?
  18. What Duke University senior was the only actual amateur on the 1992 US Olympic basketball Dream Team?
  19. Formula One: Who was the 2005 world champion?
  20. Called the Red Devils, what famous soccer team plays its home games at a stadium called Old Trafford?
  21. American Eddie Eagan won Olympic gold medals in what two events?
  22. Arthur Ashe of the USA won his first grand slam title at the 1968 U.S. Open. Which player did he defeat in the final match?
  23. Indoor volleyball debuted at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Where did beach volleyball become a medal sport?
  24. Who were the only country to beat Denmark at UEFA Euro 92?
  25. In which year was tennis player Gabriela Sabatini born?
  26. What caliber are biathlon rifles?
  27. Which nation won the 2011 Asian Football Confederation team of the year?
  28. MLB: What former player`s silhouette is used in Major League Baseball`s logo?
  29. Who won seven gold medals in swimming in 1972 Munich Olympics?
  30. Who won the FIFA World Cup in 1934?
  31. The player`s strike in 1994 resulted in the season being officially over on August 11. Which Major League team had the best record at the close of the shortened season?
  32. How many consecutive strikes do you have to throw to score a perfect 300 in bowling?
  33. What was the nickname of the goalie Ricardo Zamora who played 16 years (1920-1936) for the Spanish football team?
  34. Which city was the location for the 1994 Winter Olympics?
  35. Who is the first goalkeeper who has received the European Footballer of the Year award (Ballon d’Or)?
  36. In which year was tennis player Pete Sampras born?
  37. In 1986, football star Diego Maradona`s "Hand of God" punched the ball into the net, helping which country beat England?
  38. What sport`s professional teams include the Melbourne Demons, Fremantle Dockers  and Brisbane Lions?
  39. Who defeated England on penalties at UEFA Euro `96?
  40. Who was the only Portuguese player to be French Ligue 1 highest goalscorer?
  41. In what year did Wolfsburg win their first Bundesliga Title?
  42. NFL: Who was the tough defensive tackle on the "No Name Defense"?
  43. Boris Becker won six Grand Slam titles, but a French Open was not among them. What was his best finish?
  44. Milan Baros scored five goals for which country at UEFA Euro 2004?
  45. Who won the 2006 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix?
  46. Who won the FIFA World Cup in 1986?
  47. Under the rules of professional baseball, how many warm-up pitches are allowed a pitcher?
  48. Jim Clark took his last world championship title in which year?
  49. Who holds the record for most goals scored in a single FIFA World Cup?
  50. Who won Wimbledon Women’s Singles Championship in 1988?


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