General Sports Trivia Questions

  1. What was the host country of the FIFA World Cup in 1986?
  2. NFL: Who was the tough defensive tackle on the "No Name Defense"?
  3. Juan Manuel Fangio, one of the greatest F1 drivers, took his last world championship title in which year?
  4. Where were the 1968 olympics held?
  5. NBA: Who holds the record for highest free-throw shooting percentage in one season?
  6. What team did the US women`s football team defeat to win the 1999 World Cup?
  7. At which Serie A club did Christian Vieri start his career?
  8. In 1986, what football-loving country became the first to host the FIFA World Cup twice?
  9. What sport does Britain`s FA control?
  10. Which player has scored the most Premier League own goals?
  11. Bjorn Borg`s father was Sweden`s national champion in what sport?
  12. Hockey: What position should you play if you want to have a crack at the Norris Trophy?
  13. Who has played the most consecutive games of baseball, breaking Lou Gehrig`s record on September 6, 1995?
  14. Which country competes every year in the Coronation Cup, sometimes against the Rest of the World?
  15. Who was the first U.S. cyclist to win the Tour de France three times?
  16. NBA: How many points did all-star George Gervin scored in the 1980 all-star game in Washington?
  17. In which city were the Olympic summer games in 1928?
  18. In what year did Baseball makes its debut at the Olympics as a medal event?
  19. Who won the French tennis grand slam for women in 2002?
  20. The 1975 Stanley Cup Final championship series was played by the Buffalo Sabres and the…
  21. What country is Martina Hingis from?
  22. Tracy Austin was quite young on her first outing at Wimbledon... How old was she?
  23. New England Patriots had a perfect regular 2007 season, only to lose Super Bowl XLII to which team?
  24. How many Grand Slam singles titles does Mats Wilander have?
  25. Jackie Stewart took his last world championship title in which year?
  26. Where was held the 2004 European Formula 1 Grand Prix?
  27. How much does a new, regulation cricket ball weigh?
  28. Who was the captain of the South Korea Republic national football team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?
  29. The Kemmel straight is found on which F1 circuit?
  30. At which circuit did Ayrton Senna make his F1 debut in 1984?
  31. NBA: Hakeem Olajuwon was a dominant center for the Rockets and Raptors, scoring 26,946 points in an NBA career that lasted from 1984 to 2002. In which African nation was he born?
  32. MLB: Who was the first 2nd baseman to have back-to-back 30 home run seasons?
  33. NFL: What long forgotten offense did San Francisco coach Red Hickey use, to briefly blow away his opposition in 1961?
  34. In which year was tennis star Boris Becker born?
  35. Which year was tennis player Lindsay Davenport born?
  36. Hockey: What year did the Ducks win their 1st Stanley Cup?
  37. MLB: What former player`s silhouette is used in Major League Baseball`s logo?
  38. In which sport is the Davis Cup awarded?
  39. Who hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics, the first not held in the same year as the summer games?
  40. Whose single-season NHL record for goals did Gretzky break in 1981-82?
  41. A total of how many teams have won the UEFA champions league?
  42. American football: The Portsmouth Spartans moved from Ohio to Detroit in 1934. What are they called today?
  43. Who won the French Open Women’s Singles Title in 2018?
  44. In what year did Rowing first appear as an Olympic medal event?
  45. Despite being barefoot, what Olympic event did Ethiopia`s Abebe Bikila win in 1960?
  46. From 1941 to 1956, Willie Mosconi won 13 world championships in what sport?
  47. MLB: Prior to winning the 2016 World Series, the Cubs went how many years without a title?
  48. Who was the first NHL player born in Sweden to be inducted into the Hall?
  49. In which year did Pete Sampras win his first Grand Slam singles title?
  50. F1:Which shadow team driver was killed testing at Kyalami prior to the 1974 South African grand prix?


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