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  1. Bjorn Borg`s father was Sweden`s national champion in what sport?
  2. What is the nationality of Sven Goran Eriksson, who managed the England national football team from 2001 to 2006?
  3. What sport did Evonne Goolagong play professionally?
  4. Who is the youngest player to score in a UEFA Champions League final?
  5. What city`s rhyming teams have included baseball`s Mets, football`s Jets, basketball`s Nets and tennis`s Sets?
  6. Badminton was first recognized as an official sport in the Olympic Games during which year`s Summer Games?
  7. What NFL Hall Of Fame member hold the record for most passing yards in a single game?
  8. How many Serie A titles did Paolo Maldini win as a player?
  9. Indoor volleyball debuted at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Where did beach volleyball become a medal sport?
  10. In which country was tennis player Andre Agassi born?
  11. In which country was tennis player Pete Sampras born?
  12. Hockey: Who won the Stanley Cup 2000?
  13. MLB: In 1962, which two National League teams tied at the end of the season, forcing a playoff series?
  14. Who won the Men`s 200m Finals in the Olympic Games 1996?
  15. What Serbian-born tennis player did a spectator stab in 1993 in Hamburg?
  16. Juan Manuel Fangio, one of the greatest F1 drivers, took his last world championship title in which year?
  17. "El Clásico" is the name of a match between the rivals of which 2 football teams?
  18. Who won the FIFA World Cup in 1978?
  19. For which Italian football club the German Lothar Matthaus has played for 4 years?
  20. What sport`s ball has a surface composed of pentagonal and hexagonal faces?
  21. Formula One: At which circuit did Johnny Herbert win the first of his 3 career victories?
  22. Who were the first African team to win a game at a FIFA World Cup?
  23. In 1986, football star Diego Maradona`s "Hand of God" punched the ball into the net, helping which country beat England?
  24. In what event did Carl Lewis win gold medals in four straight Olympic games?
  25. In which US state was Serena Williams born?
  26. F1: Which country held its first & last Grand Prix in 1939?
  27. How many players are there in a men`s lacrosse team?
  28. Which African football club has won the most CAF Champions League (African champions league) in the history?
  29. Which boxer testified to the U.S. Senate that he purposely lost a fight?
  30. MLB: The 1961 season ended with a team setting a new season home run record by hitting 240 big ones. Which team was this?
  31. Which sport, popular in Canada, features a "button," a "house" and a "stone"?
  32. For which African football national team the prolific striker Didier Drogba play?
  33. In which city was tennis player Boris Becker born?
  34. Where were the 1924 Olympics held?
  35. In which sport is the Davis Cup awarded?
  36. As of 2002, which country won the most FIFA World Cups?
  37. In 1986, what football-loving country became the first to host the FIFA World Cup twice?
  38. NHL: What year was Mario Lemieux drafted first overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins?
  39. Who won seven gold medals in swimming in 1972 Munich Olympics?
  40. What was the host country of the FIFA World Cup in 1958?
  41. Who was the first boxer to knock down Muhammad Ali in his professional career?
  42. In what year did Baseball makes its debut at the Olympics as a medal event?
  43. In what position did Michael Schumacher finish in the 2005 F1 world championship?
  44. Which player won French Open women’s singles titles in 1987, 1988, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1999?
  45. NBA: Who is the Pistons all-time leading free-throw shooter in percentage?
  46. Who won the UEFA Champions League 2001?
  47. In what Olympic sport is the main objective to pin an opponent`s shoulders to a mat?
  48. Who won the Rugby World Cup 2007?
  49. How many home runs did Roger Maris hit in 1961 to beat Babe Ruth`s single season record?
  50. MLS: What is the name of D.C. United`s home ground?


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