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  1. Who won the very first F1 Turkish Grand Prix race?
  2. How many points do you get for a bull`s-eye in archery?
  3. In what year did Marseille win the French Ligue 1 for the first time?
  4. How many times did Gretzky win the Hart Trophy as the NHL’s most valuable player?
  5. What was the host country of the FIFA World Cup in 1974?
  6. Who was the youngest person ever to play Major League Baseball?
  7. NBA: Who is the Nets all-time leading free-throw shooter in percentage?
  8. How many Stanley Cups did Brian Trottier win as a player?
  9. Who handled the US telecast of the game that came to be known as the first Super Bowl, on January 15, 1967?
  10. Milan Baros scored five goals for which country at UEFA Euro 2004?
  11. How high is the platform used in platform diving at the Olympics, the World Championships and the World Cup?
  12. Who are the only two teams to win a UEFA Champions League final on home soil?
  13. Which year was the UEFA Champions League founded in?
  14. What was the host country of the FIFA World Cup in 1954?
  15. NBA: How many times did Michael Jordan win the MVP award in all-star games?
  16. Who did Roger Federer defeat to win the 2010 Australian Open men’s singles title?
  17. In what year was Table Tennis first appear as a medal event at the Olympics?
  18. Which Detroit Lions running back scored 109 touchdowns during NFL career?
  19. Who won the FIFA World Cup in 1978?
  20. Hockey: What year did the Oilers win their 5 Stanley Cup?
  21. In which country was tennis player Martina Navratilova born?
  22. MLB: Which pitcher did Sammy Sosa hit his first Major League home run against?
  23. Stanley Matthews played this sport professionally for 33 years and was the first person in his sport to be knighted. What sport was this?
  24. MLB: Who won the 1961 All-Star game played at Fenway Park?
  25. What is the nationality of Sven Goran Eriksson, who managed the England national football team from 2001 to 2006?
  26. Which player won French Open men’s singles titles in 2000 and 2001?
  27. MLB: In what year was Duffy`s Cliff in Fenway Park eliminated?
  28. Niki Lauda took his last F1 world championship title in which year?
  29. MLB: What former player`s silhouette is used in Major League Baseball`s logo?
  30. Who won the Premier League in the 2005–06 season?
  31. A famous Canadian figure skater shares a name with a singer from Tupelo. What is that name?
  32. Which NFL team had perfect regular seasons 1934 and 1942, but lost the NFL Championship Game both years?
  33. Which team did Patrick Kane score his first NHL goal against?
  34. What is the name of the French football national stadium?
  35. Who was the only American to win a gold medal at the 1968 Winter Olympics?
  36. In what year was the Hockey Hall of Fame established?
  37. Which kicker set a record in the 2007 and finished the NFL season a perfect 74-for-74 on extra points?
  38. Which English team has the greatest number of UEFA Champion League titles?
  39. Who was the first player in NHL history to score 50 goals in a season?
  40. Who is the first goalkeeper who has received the European Footballer of the Year award (Ballon d’Or)?
  41. What year did Sidney Crosby win his first Stanley Cup?
  42. Which circuit hosted the first Formula1 race?
  43. Who won the Premier League in the 1999-2000 season?
  44. Which championship was first won by Spencer W. Gore?
  45. What sport did Juan Fangio win five world championships in?
  46. Which baseball player was the first to top Babe Ruth`s single-season home run record?
  47. MLB: Who is the only player in MLB history with more than 2000 career hits, to never have been selected to an All-Star game?
  48. What African country was the first to win a football gold medal at the Olympics?
  49. Which teammate Pele was referring to when he said: “He was a phenomenal player. Without him by my side… I would never have won three World Cups”?
  50. How many Serie A titles did Paolo Maldini win as a player?


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