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  1. NFL: Which quarterback led the 2007 New England Patriots to their undefeated regular season?
  2. From 1950 to 1967, what country won the Davis Cup 15 times?
  3. Who won the 2013-2014 UEFA Champions league finals?
  4. What sport did Olga Korbut excel at?
  5. F1: How many pole positions did Ayrton Senna score?
  6. How many Stanley Cups did Wayne Gretzky win in his career?
  7. The 1978 Stanley Cup Final championship series was played by the Montreal Canadiens and the…
  8. Players from which Italian football club were killed in the Superga air crash in 1949?
  9. Which player has scored the most Premier League own goals?
  10. Hockey: What year did the Penguins win their 1st Stanley Cup?
  11. How many times has Germany won the FIFA World Cup?
  12. Who won the U.S. Open Men’s Singles Title in 2020?
  13. To protest the Suez Crisis, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq boycotted which Olympics?
  14. How many different nations have been crowned European football Champions?
  15. What was the host country of the FIFA World Cup in 1954?
  16. Despite being barefoot, what Olympic event did Ethiopia`s Abebe Bikila win in 1960?
  17. Hockey: What year did the Red Wings win their 10th Stanley Cup?
  18. What city hosted the only Olympic Games in which Canada won more gold medals than the United States?
  19. MLB: There were 11 20-game losers in the 1960s decade. Jack Fisher of the Mets lost 24 games in 1965. Which other pitcher lost 24 games in a season?
  20. Who won the U.S. Open Men’s Singles Title in 2019?
  21. Hockey: What position should you play if you want to have a crack at the Norris Trophy?
  22. Which player was the first `wildcard` in Wimbledon history to win the Men`s Singles?
  23. Hockey: What year did the Flyers win their 1st Stanley Cup?
  24. Who won the 2005 Formula 1 French Grand Prix?
  25. During the 1994 FIFA World Cup, Diego Maradona failed a drug test. What was the substance?
  26. What female tennis player holds the record for most consecutive Wimbledon victories with six (1982–1987)?
  27. How many home runs did Roger Maris hit in 1961 to beat Babe Ruth`s single season record?
  28. Against which team the Italian football team won the UEFA Euro 1968 final?
  29. Which Italian football club has the nickname “La Vecchia Signora” (The Old Lady)?
  30. Who is the youngest player to score in a UEFA Champions League final?
  31. Where were the 1924 Olympics held?
  32. Who won the FIFA World Cup in 1934?
  33. Which La Liga football club did Hristo Stoichkov manage in 2007?
  34. The 2002 FIFA World Cup marked the first time two nations shared hosting. Which two?
  35. Who was the first boxer to knock down Muhammad Ali in his professional career?
  36. Which Hall of Famer owns the NHL record for the fastest three goals scored in a game?
  37. Which year did Spain win their first FIFA World Cup?
  38. MLS: Which state is the New England Revolution based at?
  39. How many medals did China win at the Beijing Olympics in 2008?
  40. What is the traditional breakfast during the Wimbledon tennis tournament?
  41. The country that won the most Olympic gold medals in football has never won the FIFA World Cup. Which country is this?
  42. Which club holds the most French Lique 1 titles?
  43. In darts, what is a score of 26 refered to as?
  44. Which European football club did David Beckham come from when he joined Los Angeles Galaxy?
  45. Who is the highest ever goal scorer for MLS Los Angeles Galaxy?
  46. Who became the youngest tennis player to win the U.S. Open at the age of 16?
  47. What heavyweight champion was nicknamed "Real Deal"?
  48. Traditionally, the FA Cup Final is played in what city`s Wembley Stadium?
  49. Which stadium hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup Final?
  50. Where were the 1968 olympics held?


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